Just do the damn thing

Have you been feeling stuck, lost, lazy, or completely unmotivated lately? With the days getting shorter due to the looming winter, and you know, this GLOBAL PANDEMIC kicking our butts, I totally understand. I have been feeling like that too, which was very disheartening as someone who typically is incredibly motivated and who has what feels like unstoppable drive. But with Montreal in (another) lockdown for 28 days, I wanted to challenge myself to cross some items off my to-do list, build new habits, and start some projects that I’ve been putting off FOREVER.

How can we get unstuck? By following our impulses and trusting our gut to just do the damn thing, and by being kind to ourselves when undertaking new projects because, guess what? It’s our effing first time! The elements I discuss in this video are quickly becoming amazing productivity hacks to help me get things done, stop second-guessing myself, and stop procrastinating.

Brene Brown and Mel Robbins are two women who inspire me greatly, whose words have really become almost a mantra for me lately, and have really helped push me to do more. I hope this resonates with you, too. Brene Brown TED talk: (Her book is called Dare to Lead – I mistakenly called it Courage to Lead.) Mel Robbins 5 second rule: